The excellence of Tri-City Physical Therapy staff is unbelievable from the physical therapist to the receptionist.  When an individual has suffered an injury there may be a question of: will I return back to a function level in society?  The unbeliveably intellectual staff at Tri-City Physical Therapy will do everything in their power to return that person to those desired goals.  I remember, "Kim Barrette going out of his way to help return my body and mind back to an efficient level where I can care for myself, go to high school and college, and partake in a lot of my interests before my traumatic brain injury in 2004.  I have been to many other therapists and only Kim Barrette and his staff have treated me with the greatest respect and admiration.  I am proud to say that I have recieved treatment from Tri-City Physical Therapy.

--Chad Francour--


I am an industrial worker.  I go to Kim Barrette for therapy.  Kim and his staff are great.  Kim has all the equipment that meet our therapy needs.  When I am done with therapy, and ever need it in the future, this is the place I would go to.

--Karen Mitchell--

I have been coming to Tri-City Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine on and off since 1989 for various types of injuries from ankles, elbows, knees and shoulders.  Kim Barrette and his staff have been dedicated to meeting my needs and exceeding my expectations for over 20 years. Kim's positive attitude and dedication in providing quality service goes above and beyond just walking in and going through the motions of physical therapy. His integrity, honesty, respect and pride shows by his compassionate effort in providing quality service to assure that I not only accomplish my goals at hand, but to make sure I exceed my expectations.


--Brian Barrette--        
Menominee City Police Officer