About Us

Established in 1989, Tri-City Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine is on the “cutting edge” of rehabilitation. Our programs promote and facilitate a rapid return to work and function. We utilize a proactive, individualized approach, with an emphasis on education and wellness that prepares patients to self-manage their condition and prevent future injury/re-injury.


Our Mission & Philosophy

Tri-City Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine’s mission is to provide effective treatment for our patients while motivating them to participate in their recovery. The office is dedicated to providing comprehensive personal care by an expert physical therapist. We offer:

  • Aggressive research-based rehabilitation at the cutting edge of physical therapy care.
  • A modern clinic with state-of-the-art facilities with a fully equipped gym and exercise rooms.
  • Private rooms for individual care.
  • Computerized testing for our orthopedic patients using our Biodex and Lido equipment.
  • Superior care and individualization of rehabilitation program.
  • Warm, personal environment and dedicated staff genuinely interested in doing all we can to help our patients.
  • Clear, concise and typed physical therapy reports for your physician.
  • Prompt assistance for patients with insurance questions/issues.
  • Community service, high school sports education for technique and conditioning.


We understand the frustrations of limited mobility due to pain and injury and want to help you recover as quickly and safely as possible. Flexible scheduling is also available to meet the patient’s needs.

If you are suffering from a sport, work, or auto injury or a recent surgery, you owe it to yourself to get the best therapy available. For additional information or to schedule an appointment, contact Tri-City Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine at 715-735-9388 or TCPTSM@centurylink.net.

We are ready to get you back to your quality of life!



Staff Pages


Kim Barrette, MS, PT

Lori Barrette, Technical Assistant

Paula Ostrenga, Office Manager